PSN Down Worldwide for Unspecified Reason (Update)

October 2, 2014Written by Alex Co



As most of you probably know, PSN is now back up! Everyone can calm down now.

Original Story:

If you can’t log on to Sony’s PlayStation Network, don’t worry, it’s not your internet or console that’s the problem. It seems PSN is down as of the moment; and there’s no planned maintenance scheduled today in case you’re wondering.

Unfortunately, though, the PSN outage is being experienced worldwide as we speak. Over on Reddit, users from the UK, US, Asia and other parts of the world have chimed in and confirmed that the network is not letting them go online. And here I thought it was my ‘net connection that was the issue.

Could this be Sony rolling out firmware 2.0 which will add a host of new features to the PlayStation 4? One can hope but given Sony hasn’t given any announcements, this is far from being the case.

We’ll be sure to update the post should Sony issue any formal statement or when it’s back up.

Is PSN down for you, too? What are you doing to pass the time?

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