Alien: Isolation’s First DLC Pack Coming Out Later This Month, Will Let You Play as a Seegson Executive

October 21, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Alien Isolation DLC

The first of the five upcoming Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode DLC packs has been scheduled to release on October 28.

The pack, called Corporate Lockdown, will come free to anyone who has purchased the Season Pass. In this first pack, gamers will play as a Seegson executive named Ransome as he tries to escape Sevastopol Station.

The DLC will also feature three new maps, Severance, Scorched Earth, and Loose Ends. A new game mode, called Gauntlet, will allow players to try to finish all three maps without dying in an effort to rank high on the leaderboards.

Will you be downloading this new DLC pack? Have you finished the main story of Alien: Isolation yet? Be sure to check out our review of the game if you’re on the fence about getting it or this new DLC pack.

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