There Came an Echo Trailer Shows Story Elements, Wil Wheaton Will Be a Voice Actor

November 14, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

There Came an Echo has just gotten a story trailer, adding to the gameplay trailer that Iridium Studios published during the summer.

The new trailer talks about the basic storyline of the upcoming PlayStation 4 title, which will involve Corrin Webb, an employee at a defense company, as he tries to uncover who has it out for him. According to the game’s lead designer Jason Wishnov, There Came an Echo will feature realistic characters that will be powered by professional voice actors.

Corrin and Val, our two leads, are played by Wil Wheaton (yes, that Wil Wheaton) and Ashly Burch. Alongside them are some of gaming’s finest working voice actors: Laura Bailey, Yuri Lowenthal, Cassandra Lee Morris, Rachel Robinson, and Cindy Robinson.

What do you think about the game’s new trailer? Do you have any interest the upcoming PS4 game?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]