Super Stardust Ultra Announced for PS4, Releases in Early 2015

December 5, 2014 Written by Jason Dunning


Developed by D3T and Sony XDev, Super Stardust Ultra is coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015 for $12.99.

Following up on 2012’s Super Stardust Delta for PlayStation Vita, Super Stardust Ultra on PS4 will have you piloting a star fighter deep in space, “defending planets against the onslaught of enemy attacks in the midst of a deadly meteor storm. Your mission is simple: use split second timing and pure arcade skill to make every shot count and destroy everything in your path.”

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in Ultra, as described by Sony XDev Studio Europe Producer Mark O’Connor:

  • An array of new planets
  • Glorious visual enhancements
  • Incredible depth and variety
  • The best graphics possible
  • No less than nine different game modes, including new modes and established favorites from the series and its various add-ons
  • Interactive Streaming game mode allows viewers to periodically vote to change up your gameplay as they watch
  • New feature allows you to directly send and receive challenges from your online friends; or you can simply compare your scores across the global leaderboards.
  • You can compete against friends in 2 – 4 player split-screen battles, or team up in co-op mode

Calling it “the most definitive and best version of Stardust ever,” we’ll receive more news and a release date for Ultra “very soon.”

Are you interested in Super Stardust Ultra, even though Housemarque isn’t developing it?

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