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Housemarque Could Be Changing Directions After Nex Machina

Evolution is unavoidable.

Nex Machina Preview 1

Nex Machina Releases on June 20 for PS4 & PC, Local Co-Op Announced

Expect a higher resolution on PS4 Pro.


Nex Machina Gets a Trailer Detailing Season Structure, Challenges & Replay Mode

PlayStation Plus members can save 20% when pre-ordering.


Resogun Update Today Adds HDR & 4K PS4 Pro Support

No more content in the pipeline for Alienation.

Nex Machina Preview 2

PSX 2016 – Nex Machina Preview – I’ll Be Back (PS4)

Death Machine.


Resogun is Getting a PS4 Pro Update

4K and HDR support!

nex machina

PSX 2016 – Resogun & Alienation Devs Reveal “Nex Machina”

Top-down action shooter.


New PS4 Pro Videos Highlight the Tech Features, Upgraded Games

PS4 Pro provides auto-upscaling for standard Blu-ray discs.


Alienation Update Today Adds Trophies, Weekly Missions, Legend Difficulty Level

New paid DLC also out today.

Alienation 01 555x328

Alienation Update 1.03 Today Includes Local Co-Op, Leagues, Major Fixes

Watch the new co-op trailer.


Alienation PS4 Game Giveaway!

Enter and win to get rid of the alien scum!

Alienation 03 555x328

PSLS Talks Alienation and Development With Housemarque

We asked, they answered.


Alienation Update 1.01 Today Fixes Issues, Improves Performance

This patch removes players going through walls after teleporting.

Alienation 01 555x328

Alienation Trophy Guide

Collect the Plat from killing alien scum!


Quick Tips – Alienation

Tip 1: Shoot aliens.
Tip 2: Don’t die…

Alienation Review header

Alienation Review – Rise of Man (PS4)

Did you ever think you wanted Destiny or The Division in a twin-stick shooter mold?


Alienation Local Co-Op Is in Development, Trophy List Includes a Platinum

Other post-launch content is also in development.


New Alienation Video Shows Off In-Game Explosions, Weapons Further Explained

What sets Alienation apart from Dead Nation.

alienation art lead

Alienation Art Lead Antti Kallioinen Has Passed Away

He was finalizing his work on Alienation at the time of his death.


Alienation Gameplay Video Spotlights Character Classes, Loot and Weapons

Join Earth’s last-ditch attempt for survival.