PlayStation's Housemarque to Become One of the 'Most Advanced' Nordic Studio

PlayStation’s Housemarque to Become One of the ‘Most Advanced’ Nordic Studios

PlayStation Studio Housemarque has announced that it will move its operations and employees into “one of the Nordics’ most advanced gaming headquarters” by the end of 2024. The new facility will be located in downtown Helsinki in Housemarque’s home country Finland.

Housemarque is committed to gameplay innovation

Founded 28 years ago, Housemarque made a number of critically acclaimed games before being acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2021. The studio has been bulking up for its next PS5 game since then but has ruled out Returnal 2 for now.

In a press release, Housemarque said that its new HQ will be “a beacon of innovation and creativity in the Northernmost capital.” “Our vision is more than just a shiny new office; it’s about setting a new standard,” a statement reads. “With features like cutting-edge meeting rooms, proper audio studios, testing areas, and wellness spaces, we are creating an environment that merges Nordic sensibilities with creativity, aiming to attract the world’s best game developers.”

Housemarque added that it’s committed to gameplay innovation and will update fans with more information next year.

It recently emerged that a number of companies including Microsoft were interested in Housemarque before its acquisition by Sony. The studio has a history of working with PlayStation and previously said that it felt PlayStation Studios were a natural fit.