Fallout 76 Update Adds 60 FPS Mode on PS5

Fallout 76 Update Adds 60 FPS Mode on PS5

Fallout 76‘s Once in a Blue Moon patch includes a slew of new content to the ever-evolving apocalyptic RPG. However, this Fallout 76 update also added one big feature for PS5 owners: a higher frame rate.

Fallout 76 now runs at a higher frame rate on PS5

The lengthy official patch notes for this Fallout 76 update strangely don’t mention this boost. Instead, they run down the game’s new features, bug fixes, and balance changes.

Users on Reddit noticed this frame rate jump, though, and chimed in saying how they were surprised to see the jump. Xbox Series X owners could already play the game at a higher frame rate because of FPS Boost (which has since been removed), but this update is a more official solution and for more players since it includes the PS5 version.

Many PlayStation players should have access to Fallout 76, as it was a PlayStation Plus Essential game in January and is still on PlayStation Plus Extra.

This is still an upgrade to a native PS4 game, but a native PS5 version of Fallout 4 is still in the works. That free upgrade was announced in October 2022 for 2023 and will include “high frame rates, quality features for 4K resolution gameplay, bug fixes, and even bonus Creation Club content,” but Bethesda Game Studios has not released an update on the port since. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also received a native PS5 port and is more evidence of Bethesda updating many of its recent games in some way.