Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Featured a Mysterious Code, and It Has Just Been Cracked

February 26, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


Batman: Arkham Knight‘s latest trailer featured a whole menagerie of villains, and it also apparently had a mysterious code.

Game Informer pointed out that during a particular part of the trailer, a string of characters appear on the screen. Reddit users also quickly caught on, and numerous fans began combing through the video to find more codes. Two more codes were found, and Reddit user SixSided was able to decipher them.

The deciphered codes were then inputted into the official Batman: Arkham Knight website, only to reveal a bunch of character bios. To check out the bios for yourself, follow the instructions listed on this Reddit page. Let us know what you think of the bios!

[Source: Batman: Arkham KnightReddit via Game Informer]