PAX East 2015 — Life is Strange: Episode 2 Hands On Preview (PS4, PS3)

March 7, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Life Is Strange™_20150129010123

At PAX East 2015, I got a chance to check out Episode 2 of Life is Strange, which, according to the developers, will come out sometime this month.

While I was only able to experience a small piece of the episode, it carries the same indie theme and artsy feel that we here at PSLS liked so much in the first episode. Some new locations will be introduced, and some new characters will also be entering the game. The developers also mentioned that players will begin to feel the outcome of some of the bigger choices that they had to make in Episode 1. 

On top of that, players will also have to partake in some fairly difficult puzzles and challenges. The part of the game I was able to try out had a tricky sort of puzzle, which requires players to memorize certain events that happen. While I don’t want to give any part of the story away, I can say that the brain benders are much harder in Episode 2 than they were in the first episode.

The only thing I wish the developers could have addressed is the way the dialogue doesn’t really match up to the characters’ mouth animations. Just like in Episode 1, the two things are very much out of sync, which is slightly off putting. But, with the new characters, puzzles, plot developments, and areas, it looks like Episode 2 of Life is Strange will definitely be worth picking up.

The developers made sure to note that second episode is actually finished at this point, and it will be released at some point this month, although the actual date has not yet been released.