PAX East 2015 – Dragon Fin Soup Preview (PS4, Vita)

March 8, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup is an upcoming PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux game being developed by Grimm Bros. It’s a dark and twisted game,  taking influence from the original Grimm fairy tales, which are disturbing to say the least, yet it also is filled with a huge amount of humor.

A Randomly Generated Experience

During a preview of the game at PAX East 2015, I watched as a couple of the developers went through the game as Red Robin. Red Robin is a sort of twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood, as she is a raging alcoholic who has a pretty dark past. There will be another character available when the game finally releases in the summer, but that character has not yet been placed in the preview build yet.

There are three different modes that players will be able take Red Robin and the other character through; a Story mode, a Survival mode, and an Endless mode. Each mode features randomly generated worlds and turn based movement and combat, yet, beyond that, they are set to be fairly unique. In the Story mode, players will be taking part in numerous quests and going on various adventures, all of which add more information to who the characters are and what the world they live in is like.

Dragon Fin Soup

In Survival mode, players are placed into the middle of nowhere, and are tasked with finding a way out. This mode will feature perma-death, so players will need to traverse the different areas with care. Endless mode is essentially the same thing, although, unlike Survival mode, it will not feature an ending. It will, however, feature an online leaderboard, allowing players to compete with each other.

So Many Different Items

In order to survival Dragon Fin Soup, players will have to rely on getting different weapons, pieces of armor, potions, skills, and even pets. A huge amount of equipable items will be in the game, and players will be able to dual-wield certain weapons. Players can slo buy or earn pets, and up to two of them can be used at a time. They can help in fights, or just help explore parts of the world. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Dragon Fin Soup also features a pretty intense crafting system, allowing players to mine, cut down trees, fish, and more. After gaining these materials, players will be able to make a number of different items, including special bullets for any guns that they may have. The exact release date of Dragon Fin Soup has yet to be announced, but expect to be playing it in the summer for the low pre-order price of $20.