Cold Horizon is an Upcoming PS4 and PC Game That Has Users Play as a Child and a Polar Bear

March 13, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Cold Horizon

Big Cake Games has just announced in a press release that they are working on a PlayStation 4 and PC game that will have players playing as a polar bear and a child.

Called Cold Horizon, the side-scrolling adventure title will take place is a snowy, desolate area. To survive against the bitter cold and the wasteland’s monsters, the polar bear and the child strike up a friendship. Players will have to take control of both characters to successfully navigate the snowy world and make it out alive.

The game sounds suspiciously like the indie title Never Alone, which had a child and a fox team up to face a wintery and frozen area. Whether or not the two games will actually play similarly remains to be seen. What do you think of the idea of Cold Horizon?