Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XV’s Black-Haired Woman, Details Lunafreya’s Background

September 19, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan

Square Enix has been spilling some details about Final Fantasy XV at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. In particular, the developer talked about Regis and Lunafreya’s background, the finishing mini-game, and Chocobo riding alongside revealing the black-haired woman seen next to Luna as Gentiana. Square hasn’t said much about her, however, except mentioning that she plays an “important role” in the story. 

The developer shared the following background information on Regis and Luna via the game’s official Twitter account:

  • The Niflheim Empire has achieved world domination — except for the Kingdom of Lucis, who has defied them with the crystal’s power.
  • King Regis is the crystal’s current guardian, and he too can wield weapons from thin air. In his youth he fought beside Cid and General Cor.
  • Wondering why Regis has aged so dramatically? It lies in the need of his energy to maintain the shield around Lucis.
  • Sadly, Noctis’s mother and Regis’s queen actually died when Noctis was still an infant.
  • Luna is a highly revered “oracle,” with the ability to talk to the gods. She is the youngest oracle ever.
  • Luna lives in Tenebrae, a city under Niflheim control that has some autonomy thanks to her role as oracle.
  • Luna is courageous—unfazed, even when surrounded by the Niflheim soldiers, as she possesses extreme inner strength.
  • Luna and Noctis made a promise as children. We aren’t saying what yet, but it connects to the story.

Square Enix also shared the video that you can see above, showing off Chocobo riding and fishing. Players will be able to go fishing within a new mini-game, and will be allowed to bring their catch back to their camp if they want to cook it. We’ve learned that players will be able to fish in various bodies of water that they come across, and will have to follow on-screen prompts to “fight” the fish when it bites the bait. A number of fishing rods and lures will be at the players’ disposal, allowing them to catch different fish. 

When riding a Chocobo, players will be able to make it walk, dash, jump, and reach places that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Chocobos will be widely available alongside activities involving them.

Director Hajime Tabata also teased the possibility of adding Gilgamesh and some other characters to the game via DLC.

We’ll continue to update our readers as we receive more information. In the meanwhile, here’s an Active Time Report snapshot from TGS:

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