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Top 5 Tips Overwatch Noobs Need to Know

July 5, 2016Written by Alex Co

In this week’s top five, we offer five tips that Overwatch players ought to know and do. It’s a set of tips so essential that we originally wanted to call it “Top 5 Tips for Overwatch Players Who Don’t Have a Fucking Clue” and nope. we’re not joking.

And given how Blizzard has rolled out Competitive Play on consoles recently, these five tips are doubly more important. Important to note that these tips aren’t even “pro” tips or any of the sort, and most of them can be applied to any multiplayer game to benefit the team you’re on. It just goes to show how most multiplayer gamers are just after kills, or don’t give a damn whether they win or lose as long as they can do sniping montages and other things of the sort. But that discussion is another matter altogether.

If you play Overwatch, please, please watch the video above and if you can, heed the suggestions in order to help your team out.

Do you have any Overwatch or multiplayer tips that players should follow? Let us know what they are in the comments below.

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