Koei Tecmo Announces Online Multiplayer Mode for Attack on Titan

July 6, 2016Written by Keri Honea

Attack on Titan multiplayer

Koei Tecmo has announced an online multiplayer mode for their upcoming anime-based game, Attack on Titan. This Scout Mode will allow players to team up with three friends online to leave the safety of the city walls and bring the fight directly to the Titans.

The leader or host of the team will be able to select various types of missions that will take place across numerous stages, including the Ruined Town, a Farm Village, the Stohess District, and the Forest of Giant Trees. All of these missions are completely separate from the campaign and offer more insight into the backstory of the Titans. Each player can also change their costumes as well as upgrade gear and prepare resources before each battle.

The Scout Mode won’t be the only time players can upgrade their gear. The Omni-directional Mobility Gear, blades, and scabbards can be enhanced at the main camp with materials found throughout both the single-player campaign and Scout Mode multiplayer. Such improvements include upgraded anchors to attack Titans from greater distances and at faster speeds, sharper and more durable blades, and scabbards can carry more blades and gas canisters. All upgrades will prove vital throughout the campaign and the multiplayer portions.

Attack on Titan will release for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on August 30, 2016. Be sure to check out our interview with the game’s producer from E3.