Fallout 4’s Vault-Tec DLC is the First Workshop Add-On With Quests

July 21, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

fallout 4 vault tec dlc

Fallout 4‘s upcoming Vault-Tec DLC will have quests, making it the first Workshop add-on to include them, Bethesda has announced. In a comprehensive post on its website, the developer explains how you can become an overseer who can perform experiments on his/her dwellers. 

If you’re above level 20, you’ll hear a distress beacon no matter where you are in the world, alerting you to an emergency situation at Vault 88. Once you arrive and take care of some Raiders who are trying to force their way in, you’ll meet the Vault’s rather strange Overseer. The only surviving resident of Vault 88, she’s been trapped down here alone and has turned into a ghoul. In fact, the bombs went off before her Vault could be completed and she has spent the last 200 years waiting to build it. But that hasn’t discouraged her loyalty to Vault-Tec – and she can’t wait to run some experiments on unsuspecting dwellers.

Players will then begin interviewing dwellers, picking out subjects for their quests. You can run a series of experiments on them, each with a different outcome. 

Bethesda has said that players don’t have to complete the quests if they don’t want to, and can stick to playing around in the Workshop. For more on the DLC and its design options, follow the source link below. 

Vault-Tec Workshop is out on Tuesday, July 26.

[Source: Bethesda]