EA and Capcom Predict Xbox One and PS4 Sales

November 2, 2016Written by Tyler Treese


Financial quarters are ending, and that has found two major video game publisher giving out their internal forecasts for PS4 and Xbox One sales. Both Electronic Arts and Capcom gave two separate estimates on sales, with EA focusing on the end of 2016 and Capcom looking further into the future. Both have an equally bright outlook, though.

As part of EA’s recent earning call, the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen talked about how many console units (both PS4 and Xbox One) are out in the wild. “Our internal estimate is still roughly 80 million units by the end of calendar year,” said Jorgensen. He also added that the company expects “100 million units by the end of next year,” and that hardware sales were 33% higher than the previous generation were at this point.

While Jorgensen didn’t give specific numbers for each platform, it is known that Sony has shipped 47 million PS4s so far. So, if EA’s estimate is correct and 80 million units will be out by year’s end, then that means there is roughly a 50/30 split at the moment. Electronic Arts’ CFO also talked briefly about the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro, and said while he’s excited for both platforms, he wasn’t sure how drastically they will impact sales.

Meanwhile, Capcom’s President and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto gave a prediction on PS4 sales as part of the company’s Q&A. Tsujimoto said that with over 40 million PS4s sold, he expects the console to break the 100 million mark by 2020. Due to Sony’s success, and Microsoft’s commitment to turn the Xbox One around, he said that Capcom is looking to appeal more to the western market in the future.

(Source: Capcom via Dualshockers, VG247)