God of War Director Hopes to Share More News Soon, Most of the Shooting Is Finished

December 6, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


One of Sony’s big PlayStation 4 games absent from PlayStation Experience this past weekend was God of War, which is being directed by Cory Barlog. Answering some questions on Twitter over the last few days, Barlog said the team at Sony Santa Monica is “in a big push to meet a deadline” and he’s incredibly busy working on it right now, “but the game is slowly coming together!”

After someone pointed out that the reveal trailer for God of War hit 14 million views on YouTube, and we haven’t heard anything about the game in some time, Barlog replied, “Sorry man, we are pushing like crazy and I really want to share but it’s just not time yet. Hang in there.” He then added, “I promise, the soonest I can share some new stuff I will. Am as excited to show as you are to see.”

Barlog hopes that we’ll be getting more news soon, but he’s “focused on getting things done right now.” When a Twitter user brought up the fact that he said he’d do something special once the trailer reaches 15 million views, Barlog said, “I did, didnt I?”

Addressing a rumor that suggested shooting for God of War had finished, Barlog said, “We finished most of the shooting, but there are still some things to shoot.”

Barlog also said that people in the Norse world “might” call Kratos ‘Spartan’, we’ll find out in the game if the strange stone on the troll’s back gives him lava powers, Kratos and his son will be together for most of the game, Barlog knows the name of Kratos’s son, and, when asked if the new God of War might have air fights like in God of War 2, he replied, “I can only tell you, I directed 2… so infer from that what you will.”

God of War is currently in development for PS4, and we likely won’t hear a release date until Sony’s confident it can be hit.

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