Star Wars Battlefront Support “Not Done,” No More Skirmish Content Planned

February 2, 2017Written by Alex Co

Star Wars Battlefront 03 555x328

With EA already talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2, some players have surmised that this is the end of the road when it comes to Star Wars Battlefront content updates.

Well, there’s good and bad news. Over on the official Battlefront forums, Community Manager Mathew Everett (posting as Sledgehammer70) confirmed that there will be no new Skirmish content for Battlefront. Skirmish, is a mode in Battlefront where players can battle AI. However, Everett adds that “it doesn’t mean nothing else is coming.”

Our team is very much looking at recent bug reports and content requests still. Support for the current Star Wars Battlefront is not done. While we will not be bringing more Skirmish content to the game, it doesn’t mean nothing else is coming.

Unfortunately that’s all we know so far. My take? Servers will be functional, there might be a a title update to quash a few bugs here and there, but don’t expect anything significant once Battlefront 2 nears release. Players might not like it, but the dev team — and the player base — moving on to the sequel is the most likely scenario and one that happens to almost every game.

[Source: Official Battlefront forums via Kotaku]