Report: For Honor’s First Two DLC Heroes Might Be Centurion and Ninja

March 6, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


If the screenshots below shared by Reddit user Bones404 are to be believed, then For Honor‘s first two DLC heroes might be a Centurion and a Ninja.

for honor leak 1

Since we’re not given an actual source of the screenshots, we’re publishing this as a report but if true, it won’t be too surprising for those who took a close look at the game’s Season Pass image. In case you missed it, an advertisement for the Season Pass showed silhouettes of DLC characters, two of which people guessed depicted a Roman Centurion and a Ninja.

Ubisoft has previously said that it’ll release six new heroes in batches of two.

Understandably, some people are questioning how Bones404 got a hold of these images and if they’re real. If they’re fake, then that’s some serious work that went into making this up. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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[Source: Reddit]