For Honor Update

New Season of For Honor Adds a New Hero and Map

The next season of content for For Honor will be arriving on November 7th, 2019. The biggest addition is a new hero for the Wu Lin faction and a new map for players to battle on. The Wu Lin, a Chinese-based faction introduced in the Marching Fire expansion, will have the ability to select the Zhanau hero. This hero will be available to players who don’t own the Season Pass one week later on November 14th for the price of 15,000 iron. The Zhanau has both a male version, a “dark force” named Sun Da who seeks to put fear into his opponents, and a female version, an unpredictable warrior named Fu Huo that serves Empress Dou.

No matter which version you play, the Zhanau is a speedy warrior that excels in dodging enemy attacks. They’re armed with a changdao, a very long two-handed saber that was heavily used during the Tang dynasty in China. The Zhanau are also artillery masters and they will “be able to use brand new types of attacks and feats to burn the enemy and wreak havoc on the battlefield,” though what exactly these new types of attacks are has yet to been revealed.

Additionally, there will be a new map. Named Qiang Pass, this serves as the home of Sun Da, who has a laboratory where he is working on new ways to use fire as a weapon. There’s a giant fort guarding a strategic mountain pass. While there’s only one road to the fort, players can make use of “a catastrophe” that has given them more ways to reach the fort. At the current time, Qiang Pass will only be available to play in Breach mode.

If you’re still playing For Honor, there’s still some time to try out its special Halloween event before it ends tomorrow. If you’re unsure of where you sit with the game, you can always read our review to figure it out.