McLaren 720S to Debut in Project Cars 2

March 7, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

Gran Turismo Sport wasn’t the only game to unveil a brand new vehicle today. Following its debut at the Geneva International Auto Show, the McLaren 720S will be appearing for the first time in Slightly Mad Studios’ Project Cars 2, it has been announced. You can check out a teaser above.

Here’s what the developer has to say about the car:

The chassis is an all-new, active carbon-fiber structure known as the ‘Monocage II’. This is the core of the 720S. Aside from the handling and performance benefits of the rigid system, it also allows the 720S to come in on the scales with a dry weight of only 1,283kgs (2,825.5lbs). That’s compared to the 1,301kgs (2,868lbs) from the 650S. Even more impressive is the centre of gravity that is now a full three percent lower than the 650S. This has allowed McLaren to create a car that boasts double the aero’ efficiency of its predecessor, the 650S.

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Project Cars 2 is coming later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Project Cars]