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New Sony Video Highlights Some of the PS4 Console Exclusives Coming in 2017

Detroit: Become Human and Dreams are mistakenly included.


Here’s the 19 PS4 Games You Have to Play in 2017, According to PlayStation Access

Two PlayStation VR games make the list.

PSX 2016 – Gran Turismo Sport VR Preview – Rev Those Engines (PSVR)

Fast and flying at you!

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PSX 2016 – Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Speeds Out

And it looks great!

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Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro and PSVR Support Detailed

Prepare to be wowed graphically!

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Version Will Utilize 1800p Checkerboard Rendering

Also comes with wide color support.


PlayStation VR Launch Trailer Is All About Living the Game

Sony highlights Farpoint, Gran Turismo Sport, and more.

PS4 Racing Games

PS4 Racing Games – Buyer’s Guide

Spin me right round.


Sony Is Cancelling Digital Gran Turismo Sport Pre-Orders Because of the Delay

Pre-orders will go back up when a new date is announced.

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Gran Turismo Sport Delayed to 2017

Not really that surprising…


Sony’s gamescom 2016 Lineup Includes Gran Turismo Sport, Lots of PlayStation VR Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit will be shown off.


Report: Gran Turismo Sport “Around 70 Percent” Complete

Kazunori Yamauchi made the comment in a Chinese interview.


Gran Turismo Sport Dev Praises PS4 Over ‘Nightmare’ of PS3

GT5 and GT6 were apparently nightmares to develop.

Gran Turismo Creator: “The Age of the PS3 for Us Was Sort of a Nightmare” Due to Limitations

Gran Turismo Sport could be considered the start of a new era for the franchise.

E3 2016 – Gran Turismo Sport Hands-On Preview – Gorgeous Blurs

Zoom zoom.

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New Greatness Awaits PS4 Game Trailer Includes Horizon Zero Dawn, No Man’s Sky

Less than two months until No Man’s Sky!

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Gran Turismo Sport Will Have Dedicated Servers, but Only in “Sport” Mode

Will support up to 20 players per server.

E3 2016 – Gran Turismo Sport Gets Nine Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Sexy cars inbound!


Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay Trailer Shows off the Social Features, Livery Editor & More

GT Sport is “the new standard in racing.”

Top 5 Anticipated E3 2016 Header

Top 5 Games We’re Excited to See at E3 2016

We excite!