Mass Effect Andromeda “Shield Bug” Prevents 100% Completion, Issue Affecting Many Players

March 31, 2017Written by Mack Ashworth


Everybody knows that Mass Effect: Andromeda has its fair share of problems. Bugs and glitches are commonplace, many of which BioWare is thankfully trying to fix. However, one issue that has escaped their bug-crushing wrath is the “Shield Bug.”

In the hopes of finding players who had achieved 100% completion, BioWare Producer Michael Gamble took to Twitter. Several players responded with screenshots showing 99% completion, and explained that further progression was halted by a bug. Unaware of this bug, Gamble reached out for more information.

This bug prevents the “Nomad Shield Crafting” task from being completed. Over on the bug reporting section of the Mass Effect: Andromeda EA Answers page, user NetQvist offers further details about the problem. At the time of writing, 319 people have acknowledged that they have also experienced this issue.

andromeda shield bug

Have you been hit by this bug? Let us know in the comments, and let BioWare know here.

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