Daily Reaction

Randy Pitch

Randy Pitchford Asks Daily Reaction: How Can Journalists Make Gaming a More Positive Place?

Remove people from the equation.


Media Molecule Asks Daily Reaction: If You Were Reincarnated as a Game Character, Who Would You be?

With our Karma we would come back as Duke Nukem’s career.

Damn Right I Do

Daily Reaction: Unfinished Business – The Beyond: Two Souls Review Story

DR is back and making enemies.


Bad Gamers: Ep 48 – Codeine, Alcohol and Beard Stroking

Sick in the mind, sick in the body, sick of the soul.


Bad Gamers: Ep 47 – GTA V Special

Cheat code enabled.


Daily Reaction: What Would You do if You Had Control Over Xbox?

Ground control to Major Nelson.

Bad Boyes2

Adam Boyes Asks Daily Reaction: What Would You do if You Had Control Over PlayStation?

Boyes will be Boyes.


Daily Reaction: The PlayStation 4 Team, a Gift for Shuhei Yoshida

The Boyes are back in town.

PS Vita TV ad Fake

Daily Reaction: How The PlayStation Vita TV Could Change Everything

Or not.


Bad Gamers: Ep 46 – PAX Attack

Beat Boxing Boyes.

Batkaz vs Zombies

Mark Pacini Asks Daily Reaction: Have You Ever Been Offended by Microtransactions?

The content we need, not the content we deserve.