Daily Reaction


Bad Gamers: Ep 46 – PAX Attack

Beat Boxing Boyes.

Batkaz vs Zombies

Mark Pacini Asks Daily Reaction: Have You Ever Been Offended by Microtransactions?

The content we need, not the content we deserve.


Daily Reaction: Sizing Up Sony’s PS4 VR Headset

Reality Bites.

Almost There

Daily Reaction: What Launching Ahead of the Competition Means – Xbox One vs the PS4

I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss.


Daily Reaction: The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Distraction

Don’t believe everything you read.


Bad Gamers: Ep 45 – PS4/XBO Pre-orders and Preparing for PAX Prime 2013

The penultimate DR.


Daily Reaction: A New Microsoft; Life After Ballmer

Read before commenting, if you are a troll have someone explain it to you.


Daily Reaction: Can The Elder Scrolls Online Survive With a Paid Subscription?

Brought to you by the ‘Horse Armor’ people.


Daily Reaction: The History of Console Trolling – Should Sony and Microsoft Continue?

When titans clash.


Daily Reaction: The gamescom Rundown: Sony vs Microsoft, PS4 and Vita

Still no Kaz? Wtf.


Bad Gamers: Ep. 44 – gamescom Hype, Microsoft Mildness and GTA V Incredulity

Sony sauciness.


Daily Reaction: Should Sony Focus on Core Gamers With the PS Vita?

Core Values.

Amazon is coming

Daily Reaction: The Amazon Games Console – A Threat Analysis, and New Dev Details

It’ll be amazoning


Daily Reaction: Who is the New PS3 For? Breaking Down the 12GB Console

Even my Vita has more space.


Bad Gamers: Ep. 43 – We Respond to the Industry

Don’t be dumb.

The first Birthday

One Year of Daily Reaction: Celebrate and Win 12 Months of PS+ or GTA V

Why do we have to give away stuff on our birthday?


Daily Reaction: How to get into Games Journalism, And Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Some of you will think we’re being sarcastic. We’re not.

Call of Lemons

Daily Reaction: Why We Need Big Publishers Like Activision, Ubisoft and EA

We like big publishers and we cannot lie.