Daily Reaction


Daily Reaction: Who is the New PS3 For? Breaking Down the 12GB Console

Even my Vita has more space.


Bad Gamers: Ep. 43 – We Respond to the Industry

Don’t be dumb.

The first Birthday

One Year of Daily Reaction: Celebrate and Win 12 Months of PS+ or GTA V

Why do we have to give away stuff on our birthday?


Daily Reaction: How to get into Games Journalism, And Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Some of you will think we’re being sarcastic. We’re not.

Call of Lemons

Daily Reaction: Why We Need Big Publishers Like Activision, Ubisoft and EA

We like big publishers and we cannot lie.


Bad Gamers: Ep 42 – One for the Fans

So probably not you then.


Daily Reaction: Happy Birthday to Ken Kutaragi; The History of PlayStation’s Father

Sony Wishes Ken Kutaragi’s Crotch a Happy Birthday (no joke)


Daily Reaction: You Are Your Own Worst Enemy – A Tale of Beer, Fish and Trolls

Beer Battered Fish.

Fixed Score

Daily Reaction: Sizing Up Polygon’s Dragon’s Crown Review

Polygon picks a side.

Gran Turismo Movie

Daily Reaction: Spinning in Place, the Story of Gran Turismo the Movie

Sometimes I just think we are the vehicle of our own destruction.


Mark Cerny Asks Daily Reaction: ‘What do You Want to See on the PS4?’

Where do we start?


Daily Reaction: How Publishers Try to Control the Media

Have you ever seen the rain?


Daily Reaction: Game Over, Man

MAG now supports 404 players.


Media Molecule Asks Daily Reaction: How is Your Favorite Cheese Like Your Favorite Game?

So cheesy we almost crack-er up.

PS3 Lifeline

Daily Reaction: When Will Sony Pull the Plug on the PS3?

Cerny, get the pillow.


Daily Reaction: Why the Games Industry Needs to Ignore the Mainstream

Stop and smell the Flower.

Dairy Farmer

Daily Reaction: How the Broken AAA Games Model Still Isn’t Ready for Next-Gen

Even duct tape can’t fix it.