Project Cars Interview With Slighty Mad Creative Director Andy Tudor

Project CARS DLC, the future, customization and more discussed.


Crash Bandicoot – The Past, Present and Future

From Willy the Wombat to Sony’s Platforming Mascot.


PlayStation-Themed Movies We Want to See on the Big Screen

What Sony Icons wold work in film?

Top 5 Thumb 550 x 250 version (1)

Top 5 Open World Games

Playing some sand in the box.


11 Reasons I Won’t Finish Omega Quintet

Bought it, played it, can’t stand it.

Inventing an Icon - PaRappa the Rapper

Inventing an Icon – PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper established the rhythm genre and was an early example of Sony’s willingness to take creative risks. We take a look at what made him so special.


The Catch-22 With Remastering Old Video Games

Play it again, Sam.

Bloodborne_Crows (Custom)

How Bloodborne’s Difficulty Can Be Summarized by One Enemy

This is the enemy in Bloodborne that perfectly summarizes the difficulty…believe it or not.

Top 5 Mascots 550 x 250

Top 5 Best PlayStation Mascots

Active ones, and nope, no Crash Bandicoot.


Gamer Academy- Bloodborne Guide: Surviving in Yharnam

We’ll help you survive this nightmare.


15 First Party PlayStation Games That Need a New Entry

Rise from your grave!


Best April Fools Day Pranks Video Games Edition

Check out some of the old school pranks!

Top 5 Thumb 550 x 250 version

Top 5 PS4 Remastered Games We Actually Want to See

Some obvious picks, but ones we definitely will buy ASAP.


PS4 Promised Features – Has Sony Delivered?

What did Sony promise during the PS4 reveal, and did they deliver on ‘em? Read on and find out.

type next

8 Things We Want in Final Fantasy Type-Next



PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura” Review – My Time With the 2.50 Beta

Get to gaming much faster with suspend/resume.


4 New PS4 Games Sony Hopes Will Succeed This Week; Type-0 HD Wasn’t Hot Enough

These games, in particular, Sony would like to see high numbers for next week.


PlayStation Mobile Misfortune – Developers Speak Out

Developers speak to us about developing for PS Mobile, marketing, and that confusing marketplace structure.

Top 5 Hard 555 x 250

Top 5 Hardest PlayStation Games

Rage-inducing moments not related to online multiplayer!