Resident Evil 2 PS4 Controller

Resident Evil 2 Made Me Finally Appreciate the DualShock 4

You’re going to want to play this on the PS4.

kingdom hearts koei tecmo

Real Talk: We Need a Koei Tecmo/Square Enix Partnership for Kingdom Hearts

It’s time for Sora to get a boost from Team Ninja or Omega Force (or both).

dreams beta impressions

Our Favorite Creations Found in the Dreams Beta

I dreamed a dream of Dreams.

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

Deconstructing the Double Secret Probation Ending of Kingdom Hearts III

Hooooo boy, where to begin.

God Eater 3 – Everything You Need to Know

Dust off those God Arcs.

Contemplating Dreams’ Past While Considering Its Possible Futures

Could sweet dreams be made of these?

PS4 Participation Trophy

Participation Trophy – January 2019

This isn’t a list you want your game to appear on.

The Division 2 politics

Will the Lack of The Division 2 Politics and Political Messaging Impact the Game?

Base of operations may be the White House, but that’s as political as it gets.

mega man legends legacy collection

Dear Capcom: It’s Time for Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection

We gotta bring our boy Volnutt back.

Release of the Week 2/4/19 – 2/10/19 – God Eater 3

Gods. It’s what for dinner.

Genesis Alpha One: Trying to survive.

Genesis Alpha One: Tips for Getting Started

Stop dying and start multiplying.

Breath of Fire 4 PSone

The PlayStation Classics: Breath of Fire IV

The good kind of (Breath of) Fire Festival?

resident evil 2 romero

Resident Evil 2 Brings the George Romero Legacy Back to the Forefront

Resident Evil 2 is a welcome tribute to the O.G., inside and out.

Resident Evil 2 differences

21 Years Has Done a Lot for Resident Evil 2, so Come See Its Differences

This list won’t cover everything, but it will cover many differences between the two.

Days Gone info

Why You Should Freak Out Over Days Gone

Does Days Gone seem more like Days Yawn, AMIRITE? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t sleep on it just yet.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release of the week

Release of the Week 1/28/19 – 2/3/19 – Kingdom Hearts III

It was super easy to come up with this week’s RotW, barely an inconvenience.

Kingdom Hearts 3 info

Kingdom Hearts III – Everything You Need to Know

Worlds collide.

Jump Force Preorder Guide

Jump Force Preorder Guide

Our Jump Force preorder guide will help you find the right edition to preorder so that you can help save the world!