PlayStation Move/PlayStation Camera


Enhancing PlayStation Move: DualPLAY’s Creator Talks Motion, Crowd Funding and Trying to be Truly 1:1

Motion control finally perfected…if all goes as planned.


Get all Nostalgic and Relive Your Favorite #PlayStationMemories Ahead of the PS4 Reveal



BioShock: Infinite Rated Mature by the ESRB for Intense Violence, Blood, Gore and “Derogatory Ethnic/Racial Terms”

“I think yeh gave me the clap, ya dirty boy…”


Amazon Gives Diggs Nightcrawler a Subtitle

You didn’t forget about this game, did you?


Mad Dog McCree Shoots up the PSN Tomorrow, Try out the Demo for Free

It’ll be a dog day afternoon.


PlayStation Store Preview – January 22nd, 2013: Wrath and Revengeance

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?

Simpsons Couch Karate

Bad Gamers: Ep 16 – Sony Patents, WipEout Rebirth and Fallout 4

Nothing went wrong…that’s not right.


No, Sony Did Not Patent a New Move Controller

Sigh, not this again.


Sony Patent Shows Why Full Body Move Control Would be Dangerous, Terrible

There goes the TV.

sportsfriends header

Success! Sportsfriends Surpasses Necessary Funds – Due For Fall 2013 Release

Ready to make some Sportsfriends?

Joust header

3 Days Left, $60,000 to go – J.S Joust and Friends Need Your Help

Some of what are said to be the best local multiplayer indie games ever are doomed to failure without your help.