Zindagi Games’ 2013 PS4 Motion Game to Have Online Multiplayer, Job Suggests

We here at PSLS have been closely following Zindagi Games for a while, being the first to let you know that they had outed the PS4’s release date for 2013 and that they were working on a next gen motion title.

Today, we’re back again to tell you that the second party studio’s game will have online multiplayer, as revealed by this job listing for a Senior/Lead Online Multiplayer developer that we uncovered. Now you might be thinking ‘of course it has multiplayer, nowadays they’ll even shove it into Solitaire!”, but that’s where things get interesting – Sports Champions 1 and 2 didn’t have online multiplayer due to the technical limitations between the PS3 and Move controller. The lag from the controller is already as much as can be reasonably expected in a game, so the addition of a multiplayer delay would have made the game unplayable.

That makes us wonder what has changed next gen – the PlayStation Move controller is the same, but perhaps the faster PS4 can minimize lag; possibly the motion game is PlayStation Camera only; or maybe the new, premium, PSN service has much lower lag. Either way, this could mean that more motion games go online next gen, expanding the possibilities of what they could do.

Are you interested in motion control games next gen? Are you ready to give them another chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments boxes below.