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Top 5 Things You Need to Try in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Playing as Heroes is only one of ‘em.


Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Have Micro-Transactions, New Gameplay Showcases Heroes

The credits that you use to buy things in the game are earned.


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Requires an Online Connection, but Not a PlayStation Plus Membership

Learn more about the beta and watch some gameplay.


DICE Was “Fully Booked” When it Was Approached to Make Star Wars Battlefront But Couldn’t Say “No”

They thought they couldn’t do it.


TGS 2015 – Star Wars: Battlefront Hands-On Preview (2-Player and Huge Multiplayer Modes)

Played 2-player and then like, billion-player.

Battlefront Luke

Star Wars Battlefront Interview With DICE: Characters, Ranks, Star Cards, Servers and Harrison Ford

“I lifted the box while I stood on my head. But I won’t for get what Yoda said!”


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Begins on October 8 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s open to everyone.

Star Wars Battlefront Screen

DICE “Not Able to Confirm” If Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Will Support Keyboard and Mouse

Not a no and not a yes.


Star Wars Battlefront to Feature In-Game Diorama for “Real Completionists”

Players will take “tens of hours” to max their character out.

Battlefront Luke

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains Highlighted, Attacks Detailed

Force Push, Force Choke, and Lightsaber attacks.


DICE Confirms Star Wars Battlefront Will Have Dedicated Servers



Star Wars Battlefront Beta Open to Everyone, Will Include Offline Co-Op

More details coming soon.


Star Wars Battlefront Game & Han Solo Fridge Bundle Listed at Walmart for $130

Get it for PS4 or Xbox One.


All Star Wars PS4 Bundles Available for Pre-Order, Prices Revealed

It’s $450 USD for the Limited Edition bundles.