The Witcher 3 Update 1.08 out “Quite Soon,” Fixes Performance Issues & Preps for New Game+

Includes many quest and general fixes as well.


The Witcher 3 New Game+ Detailed by CD Projekt Red, Find out What Carries Over & More

Starting level is 30 if you aren’t above level 30 when finishing the game.


New Game+ is the Final Piece of The Witcher 3 Free DLC

It isn’t arriving this week though.


Week 9 of The Witcher 3 Free DLC Adds New Finisher Animations

Final piece of free DLC is out next week.


The Witcher 3 Update 1.07 Now Available in Europe on PS4

It’s a giant download that may introduce some frame-rate issues.


Digital Foundry Analysis Compares The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 With Patch 1.05, Shows Frame Rate Issues

Geralt’s alternative movement works well.


The Witcher 3 Update 1.07 is Live, Here’s All the Patch Notes

Prepare for lots of changes.

The Witcher 3 Wild hunt

The Witcher 3 New Game+ Mode “May Happen,” Says CD Projekt

“It may happen, it may not happen, but there is definitely no word on it happening currently.”


Horizon Zero Dawn and the Importance of Single-Player Open World Experiences

Not all who wander are lost.


Week 8 of The Witcher 3 Free DLC is an Alternative Look for Ciri (Update)

The fixed version.


Big The Witcher 3 Update 1.07 Fully Detailed, Will Fix PS4 Frame-Rate Issues (Update)

Includes a ton of fixes and changes.

The Witcher 3 Money Bag

Paid Witcher 3 DLC Will Be “Almost the Size of The Witcher 2,” Says Director

“The first expansion will be around 10 hours and the second expansion will be around 20 hours”

The Witcher 3 - 2

The Witcher 3 Free Ciri DLC Prematurely Released, Can Cause Problems

Don’t use it!


The Witcher 3 Update 1.07 Key Changes Revealed, No New Free DLC This Week

1.07 is a “very large update.”