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PS3 Class Action Lawsuit

Fat PlayStation 3 Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Other OS Has Reached a Settlement

You could receive $55 for your grievance.

38 Studios Lawsuit

Kingdoms of Amalur Dev Legal Battle With Rhode Island Finally Winding Down

Hopefully Rhode Island and other states have learned a lesson from this.

PS Vita Refund Emails Sent Out for Misleading Ads, Free Items and Full Details Listed

Prepare for games, money or PSN Store credit.

Square Enix Files Lawsuit Against SNK Playmore in Effort to Defend Itself

What a mess.

Capcom Suing Koei Tecmo Games for Patent Infringement

Capcom looking to get money and suspend game sales.

Lindsay Lohan Suing Rockstar Over Grand Theft Auto V Likeness

Mean Girl really is mean…