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SEGA Discusses Localization Process for Yakuza 6

It’s a tough process

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator Mode Detailed, Features NJPW Stars

Wrestlers and Yakuza!

E3 2017 – Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Preview – New Generation (PS4)

This is the sequel you’ve been waiting for.

E3 2017 – SEGA Releases New Trailers for Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Kiwami comes to the West this August.

Yakuza 6 and Football Manager 2017 Help to Boost SEGA’s Net Sales

Yakuza 6 heads West in 2018.

Sega Reveals the Yakuza Series Has Sold Over 9 Million Units

The series is still going strong.

PSX 2016 – Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami Coming to the West

Oh yeah!

PS4-Exclusive Yakuza 6 Screenshots: Combat, Story, Mini Games, Kaz Being Kaz

Insert token “May be the best yet!” hype and all that.

Yakuza 6 Gameplay

Watch 17 Minutes of Yakuza 6 Gameplay From TGS 2016

Kiryu still rules.

SEGA Reports Profit, Thanks to Cost-Cutting Measures and Restructuring

SEGA isn’t doing well in the games business.

Yakuza 6 Gameplay Video: Story, Battle, Chase, Environmental Destruction

I’d like to think Kazuma sticks around and helps clean up.

Yakuza 6 Official Gameplay Video

As played by Mr. Nagoshi.

First Yakuza 6 Demo Footage Released Alongside Yakuza: Kiwami Story Trailer

Looks great so far.

What is Yakuza? Where to Start? What’s the Best? Any Good Imports? Podcast of Answers

Your favorite game series you’ve never played.

Yakuza 6 Teaser Shows Beat Takeshi

You know him as the evil teacher from Battle Royale.

PS4 Exclusivity a Step Toward Yakuza 6 Localization (And 4 Other Takeaways From Sega’s Recent Moves)

Franchise fatigue, international dates, systems of choice, and all that.

TGS 2015: Yakuza 6 and Yakuza: Kiwami Announced for PS4

No US release date though.

5 Easy Tokyo Game Show Predictions You Probably Made Yourself

I mean these are softball. Slam-dunks. Empty-netters.