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Kitase: Voice Recording for Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Main Story Is Nearly Finished

He’ll leave the meaning of the Sephiroth in the key art to everyone’s imagination.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix Isn’t Going to Remove the Things That Were Popular in FFVII

New Final Fantasy titles are in production, Brand Manager reveals.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Elements Will Draw “From That Dissidia-Esque Style”

New characters not in the original game may be referenced in dialogue.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Multi-Part Structure to Be More Like Final Fantasy XIII Than an Episodic Series

“One part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game.”

2016 Will “Still Be a Preparation Year for Final Fantasy VII Remake,” Says Producer

Atlus’s Katsura Hashino says they’ll release Persona 5 in 2016… “I think.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake to Be Fully Voiced, Square Enix Wants to Include Fan-Favorite Mini-Games

We might not receive more information until World of Final Fantasy is released.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Multi-Part Format Lets Square Enix Turn It Into An “Epic Experience”

Producer talks going beyond the story, world, and experience of Final Fantasy VII with the remake.

Square Enix Explains Why Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Multi-Part, Talks About Battle System Changes

They didn’t want to cut content.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Is Going Through “Trial and Error” Right Now, Says Producer

“Please don’t ask about how far into development we are and such.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Led By Key Members of the Original Game, is a “Full Remake”

Final Fantasy VII has sold 11 million copies since launch.

Square Enix: Lightning May Return as Guest Character in “Other Future Final Fantasy Titles”

No plans for PS4 versions of Lightning Returns or Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

Yoshinori Kitase on a Possible Final Fantasy VII Remake: “It Would Take a Lot to Happen”

His son helped motivate him to make Final Fantasy X/X-2 available on PS3 and VIta.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 To Have Monthly DLC

Dengeki magazine has been the source of some interesting reports today, firstRead the full article…

Over 6 Million Units of FFXIII Sold

The Final Fantasy franchise has seen long running success, and Square Enix has essentially confirmed that FFXIII is no different than its predecessors.

Hajime Tabata Talks Final Fantasy Type-0 Progression

Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy Type-0, has provided a few detailsRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced For PS3, 360

A direct sequel has been announced to Final Fantasy XIII. Can Square redeem themselves with the fans?

Kitase Sees “Awkward” Move-ment in RPGs

With the PlayStation Move launching in just under two short weeks, theRead the full article…

Square Enix Plans to Quick-Summon Final Fantasy XV

After five years of development time, Final Fantasy XIII released as whatRead the full article…

FFVII Re-make Would Take Decades

With Final Fantasy XIII released to the masses, Square Enix is finallyRead the full article…

Toriyama & Kitase Comment on a FFXIII Sequel, Critics, and The Final Fantasy Legacy

With less than a week since Final Fantasy XIII‘s stateside release, Yoshinori KitaseRead the full article…