Strange Countdown on Japanese PLAYSTATION Site *Update*

What does a strange counter on the Japanese Sony site mean? Who knows. But when you go to the site you are greeted with the sound of rain and other noises. There are voices in the background as well. What could this be the countdown for? Considering that the page currently only has title in its address, it likely is related to a upcoming title, possibly Heavy Rain. What do you all think this is a countdown for? Agree that it is for Heavy Rain? If you do, don’t, or have completely different ideas let us know.

SCEJ Countdown


Kotaku is reporting that the countdown is for Siren. How did they find out so fast? You can thank the next issue of Famitsu. Siren New Translation, a remake, will be released in July, the 24th to be exact, and a demo will be released on April 24th. Good news for all of the demo lovers out there. Thanks for the information moobabe.