OPM Rumors Give Further Credibility to Linger in Shadows Story

The latest issue of OPM has a few new rumors for everyone to enjoy.

  1. There is a Heavenly Sword sequel in the works. Yes, I know, this isn’t very surprising. It is reported that you will play as a male and that Kai will be in the story, but the capacity is currently unknown.
  2. Games in the form of episodic content will be released on the PS store. (I’m guessing that it will be something like Rat Race)
  3. Ready At Dawn is currently working on a PS3 game. (If you look at the work that they have done on the PSP, you can only imagine what will be unleashed on the PS3)
  4. In-Game XMB is coming this summer. Many have assumed this since it was “leaked/announced” by an European Executive that in-game communication was coming this summer in update 2.40. Still good to hear again though.
  5. Last, but not least: Linger In Shadows will be a PSN download. Remember when Sev1512 broke this story? Many stated that he was lying when he said that he had seen a friend on his PSN friend list playing this title. I believe this once again confirms his story. I am certainly looking forward to more information on this title.

Remember to check back frequently to see if Sev1512 has any more inside info and for the latest news and opinions about all things PLAYSTATION. Thanks for reading.