Resistance 2 Info and Teaser Trailer

It’s time to take the war stateside this time around. I cannot wait for this title to be released. It will be a day one purchase for me. There have only been a handful of FPS’s that I have enjoyed or even liked for that matter. Most recently it has been Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and the one and only Resistance: Fall of Man. The game in my eyes was close to perfect. The story was phenomenal as well, and at the end it left me wanting more. That is what a game should do, either that or give you closure. While the game didn’t provide closure, it sure as hell did make me want more. I had so many questions, such as:

Who are the Chimera, where did they come from, and why did they attack us?

Who are the Cloven and what are their intentions?

What happens to Nathan Hale, does he live, die, or become something worse all together?

It has already been confirmed by the developers that these questions would be answered or addressed in some way in Resistance 2, and I for one can’t wait. If you haven’t already played through the first one and you own a PS3, do it justice and give the story a try. While the CoD4 multiplayer is superior to R:FoM, the story is worth a playthrough all by itself. Resistance 2 is slated to hit shelves later this year before the holidays. Here are the videos that have been released so far on the sequel. Oh and about the graphics, Insomniac has always used In Game footage in their trailers.

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