Grand Opening of (formerly

We are proud to announce that we have opened PlayStation LifeStyle.  Please update your bookmarks.

It all started out as a small idea being thrown back and fourth between myself (Sev1512) and Chris Rah Osiris.  We started the blog in hopes to bring PlayStation info to readers before anyone else, along with offering our opinions on many PlayStation related stories, and topics.

Thanks to you, the readers, we have been very successful.  More successful than the average gaming blog.  We have expanded to a very talented team of Sev1512, Chris Rah Osiris, StalkingSilence, whoelse, Papadunit, and our newest member BigPete7978.

Special Thanks to BigPete7978 for putting together our forums, which look excellent.  I invite ALL of our readers to join the forums and start discussing all things gaming.

We will continue to bring you exclusive info/content before anyone else, along with the same editorial content you have seen thus far on

Thank you again, to all of the readers of the site.  This has all been possible because of you.

Please visit our PlayStation LifeStyle forums

– Sev1512