Sony’s Noel Silvia answers your PlayStation questions!

No this is not an exclusive interview with Noel Silvia (maybe in the future if we can track him down?).  We didn’t have to ask him any questions – you all already did.  And he’s already answered many of your questions, week after week.  Unfortunately, many folks don’t have the time to look through his responses on the PlayStation.Blog.

Noel explains where your PSN cards are (pssst… they’re in the mail):

Noel explains why PSone classics aren’t released more in the US…

Some games have different region-specific publishers:

ESRB only sometimes re-rates games to put them up as PS3/PSP games:

Additional licensing issues:

Noel explains the communication dilemma with providing info on release dates for games and firmware (it’s a Catch-22):

It needs to be mentioned that Noel Silvia (and several others on the PlayStation.Blog) have answered many of these questions in the past.  These answers I’ve selected today are from yesterday’s “PLAYSTATION Store Update” post alone.

I just want to encourage all of our readers to take advantage of the PlayStation.Blog and the unique opportunity it presents (direct communication with SCEA), because I feel that it too often gets overlooked.