Sneak Peak at SOCOM: Confrontation’s community features and the new [Update]

UPDATE: PAs_SCORPION of Forums has a detailed breakdown of the features [see link below].

While browsing the new Japanese SOCOM: Confrontation website (launched today), I found a screenshot of the community features from the game.  It seems to indicate:

  • PSN friends list integration
  • Full clan support featured
  • Videos of recent gameplay (implying PS3 in-game video upload features)
  • Deep statistical tracking
  • Calendar/messaging implementation

Not sure what to make of this guys… here is the screen shot:

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t tracked the game all that closely.  So maybe this is for an older game or others have seen this.  But it was news to me.


UPDATE: PAs_SCORPION of the Forums has broken down all of the 10 sections of this screenshot over on the Forums.  Head over there to check out the enlarged version and his detailed findings!

Updated source: Forums