This Week’s Blu-Cast

With E3 out of the way, it appears that the world is able to return to business as usual. Hollywood is gracing us with 12 releases. In time for the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor release, Universal is bringing The Mummy and The Mummy Returns to Blu-Ray. I am personally a fan of the first film, the second wasn’t as entertaining in my opinion. Did I forgot to mention the Scorpion King? I did, but that was not on purpose. I might actually pick that up along with the other 2 releases in the series.

This week’s action titles are mixed in with The Perfect Storm and few horror titles. I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend fill that role. Did anyone see The Exorcism of Emily Rose? I didn’t. Hopefully it appears on the PSN store. I’d like to give it a gander. Apparently it is on the video store already. I can’t wait until Tuesday, when I finally get to download a few movies.

With Blu-Ray releases back on track and things only appearing to be ramping up, we are on our way to a strong 4th quarter. Remember to check in weekly for the Blu-Cast.

Release dates, reviews, and screenshots courtesy of

Release date
21 Jul 22, 2008
Earth: The Biography Jul 22, 2008
The Scorpion King Jul 22, 2008
The Perfect Storm Jul 22, 2008
Urban Legend Jul 22, 2008
Daft Punk’s Electroma Jul 22, 2008