Socom Beta Begins In September

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
The Joys of Beta
The Joys of Beta

Those of you that picked up the first episode of Qore will finally be able to put that Beta download to use. How do I know? It is posted on the Official Blog. September 8 is the launch date for those that have the Qore episode. The lucky individuals that pre-ordered Socom from Gamestop will be able to start on September 1st. Everyone that loves Socom should be excited. I purchase all of my games from Amazon, so I won’t be playing until the 8th.

How many of you pre-ordered Socom? How many of you have the first episode of Qore?

Remember there are 3 different options for obtaining this title. You can buy the $59.99 Bundle (I got this one). This comes with the new headset (Official Headset I remind you) and behind the scenes video. You can buy the $39.99 game. This is for those of you that enjoy having a hard copy of all of your games. You can also purchase this title from the PS Store for $39.99. Only the 1st two purchase options are eligible for pre-order. Hopefully there will be pre-orders on the PS Store one day.

Those that pre-order the game from Gamestop will be able to share the code with 2 friends. Looks like the Public Beta is turning into a real party.