This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Uma killing in HD. That's always a win.
Uma killing in HD. That's entertainment

This has to be the heaviest week since the week before E3. There will be about 30 movies released on Blu-Ray. Luckily, it is not 30 movies no one would want either. You have titles such as Rudy and Cool Hand Luke for people that love classics. (I thought Rudy was a good movie. Loved Cool Hand Luke). Superman Returns makes another appearance. This time he is coming with HD audio. (Warner, please release all Blu-Ray movies with HD Audio).  The usual weekly concert releases are available as well. Last, but not least is Kill Bill. You can buy them together, buy Vol 1 or buy Vol 2. Get both of them. Getting just one is foolish.

You have 30 movies to choose from. Here are some links that will allow you to think what has said about the upcoming releases. Oh yea, there is no excuse to not buy anything this week. I don’t want to hear it. (The list below is not the full list of releases for the week).

Release date
Forbidden Kingdom Sep 09, 2008
How the West Was Won Sep 09, 2008
The Fall Sep 09, 2008
Jerry Maguire Sep 09, 2008
Baby Mama Sep 09, 2008
Rudy Sep 09, 2008
Then She Found Me Sep 09, 2008
Kill Bill: Volume 1 Sep 09, 2008
Manilow Live! Sep 09, 2008
Kill Bill: Volume 2 Sep 09, 2008
Exiled (Fong juk) Sep 09, 2008