Upgrade of Forums is Now Complete

Written by BigPete7978

Well I finally finished upgrading the forums. There was a major malfunction with the old forums, so there is some bad news. We lost basically everything. I might be able to recover some things here and there. But essentially people need to start from scratch. These forums are no longer phpbb3. There are already mods installed and everything (quick reply ftw). Did I also mention that it is built into gaminglifestyle.net? Please feel free to head on over and join us. I’m sorry to our dedicated users that are losing a lot. I hope this doesn’t affect you staying within our community. We are all starting from scratch here, so consider it turning over a new leaf. But this has taught me something, don’t use phpbb3. So head on over to the new GamingLifeStyle.net and join us. The forums are found at the top with the rest of the links.