Trophy Guide – Linger In Shadows


“Linger In Shadows is a piece of digital video artwork. This is not a game in the traditional sense, rather an abstract, interactive experience designed to challenge and captivate your inquisitive mind.”

Those are the exact words of the XMB Trophy Details for Linger In Shadows, and it could not be more true.  When the title was first announced it was thought to purely be a tech demo of what the PS3 was capable of, but since then we had learned it was a game Interactive Art, and quite a beautiful piece of Interactive Art at that.

There are 16 Trophies for the title broken down into two groups; ‘Sigil Of …’ and ‘Greeting To …’ Trophies.  Each Trophy group have their own way of being earned.  The ‘Sigil Of …’ Trophies are earned in ‘Linger’ mode where the ‘Thanks To …’ Trophies can be earned in ‘Linger’ or ‘Watch’ mode.  All Trophies can easily be earned within just a few minutes and on a single play, however you’ll miss out on the true beauty of Linger In Shadows if you choose to do so quickly.  This is one title I would highly recommend you playing through normally and resorting to this guide in the case you get stuck… which shouldn’t be too likely.

To actually earn your Trophies you’ll have to make it to the end of the video.  It’s not uncommon to earn six or more Trophies at a time, let alone 16 at once.

For the ‘Greetings To …’ Trophies you will need to pause the video around certain times and look around the scene.  You’ll find little pieces of the ‘puzzle’ around the scene.  These pieces will become brighter and you’ll hear an audio tone to know you found them, keep them in sight and after a few seconds they’ll be added to the collection. If you turn the camera Icon on (Triangle) it will flash when you are in a ‘Greetings To …’ area, even while fast-forwarding and rewinding while the video is paused.

One last piece of advice.  When you are stuck, pause the video and FF/RW.  You’ll be able to see your available actions that you can take.

Sigil Of Time (Bronze): Freeze and manipulate time in order to force your way through rips in reality. Use it wisely, for it is a power that can overcome great challenges when seeking the light… or chaos.

Phase 1: As soon as the video starts it will pause itself.  Press X to un-pause and after a few seconds pause again.  You will now notice the controller icon lit up in the top bar with four arrows.

Solution: Shake the SixAxis.

Sigil Of Motion (Silver): Make the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows. The power to manipulate your environment has been unveiled and will prove essential in your struggles with nature.

Phase 2: Watch through the video until it stops and reverses itself.

Solution: After the reverse hold L2 or R2.

Sigil Of Chaos (Silver): Chaos inhabits every fiber of the universe. Unleashing this power has obliterated the obstacles before you and will release you into nature.

Phase 3: Pause the title and notice the rotating arrows on the controller to the upper right.

Solution: Rotate the controller.

Sigil Of Nature (Silver): The force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment. Remember what you have learned here and it may be useful to you in the future.

Phase 4: While manipulating time while paused there will be an instance where the O button lights up.

Solution: Hit O at around 04:49:000.

Sigil Of Creation (Silver): Eyes are the black holes of creatures, vast depths of darkness, but at the center you will find that creation exists everywhere, even when it is nowhere. All that is left is to unleash the light from within the shadow.

Phase 5: There will be two instances where you can light up the tentacle creatures eyes by pressing O, also just before it destroys the dog you can shake the SixAxis.

Solution: Press O at the two locations and shake the SixAxis when indicated.

Sigil Of Light (Silver): It is foretold that revealing all 6 sigils will bring about light, and thus the sigils have been uncovered and light has been wrought from the shadow. Use all you have gained and search outside your vision for secrets within the world.

– Complete the whole video and credits in ‘Linger’ mode.  If you unlocked all 5 Sigils in a playthrough you’ll also receive this.

[Hidden] Greetings To Fairlight (Bronze): Fairlight is an old group with a lot of members from all over Europe. They’ve managed to be on top for the past 20 years. Their fresh demo selection has won many different awards for the hi-end machines and also for old-school ones including award in 4kb, 64kb and demo category.

– Around 03:10:000.  Located to the right hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Sunflower (Bronze): Sunflower is an old group that brought new trends to the demoscene in the beginning of accelerated era. Their demos seem to not suffer from time. This is due to their abstract style and very sophisticated music. The group was formed from very experienced sceners and project “Sunflower” survived for only two years (1999-2001). We all hope that they will make a massive comeback.

– Around 05:43:000. To the right hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Still (Bronze): Still is a relatively new group formed by ex-members of Bauknecht, lkcc and “Haujobb”. Their first productions were released in 2007 but have already received interest and critical acclaim within the demoscene.

– Around 05:54:000.  Look to the lower left hand corner. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Farbrausch (Bronze): Farbrausch is a demogroup famous for using procedural techniques for creating textures, scenes, and animations in their productions. “Werkzeug” which is their demotool, successfully started a new era of tools, separating coders from artists, thus speeding up production process. Together with “Werkzeug” came V2, a high-quality software synthesizer that was already adopted by other groups respecting its values. Farbrausch is mostly known for “Candytron”, “The produkkt”, “The Popular Demo” and recently released “Debris”.

– Around 03:31:000. On the lower right hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To The Black Lotus (Bronze): The Black Lotus is an old Amiga group with a very distinctive, monumental style, influencing other groups including Plastic. They’ve managed to beat 2 Ghz computers with a classic 66 Mhz Amiga and a demo called “Starstruck”.

– Around 03:56:000.  To the lower left hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Conspiracy (Bronze): Conspiracy is a Hungarian group that specializes in creating 64-kilobyte intros. As the first group in demoscene history, they’ve managed to show their real-time production “Chaos Theory” together with other offline, pre-processed animations at SIGGRAPH 2007. This intro has also received a award.

– Around 05:04:000. Below the cat. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To RGBA (Bronze): RGBA is a Spanish group known mostly for their 64-kilobyte and their recent 4-kilobyte productions. They are also well known for breaking the mold in 4-kilobyte graphics. Plastic is especially dedicated to sending their greetings to RGBA for their remake of “195/95” demo.

– Around 04:21:000. To the left hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To MFX (Bronze): Mfx demos are known for their distinctive, mostly experimental style, focusing on building a specific dark atmosphere. Even if they prefer the form over content, their demos often visualize a concept or short story. Mfx members can be found also in different groups like Kewlers or Synesthetics. Mfx has been awarded with many awards including the award for Most Original Concept in a Demo called “The Ballet Dancer”.

– Around 02:17:000. To the left hand side. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Andromeda Software Development (Bronze): Andromeda Software Development is a demogroup with an extremely distinctive style. Their demos featured dynamic coherent flows of abstract visual elements subtly blending into each other in various and unexpected ways. They have won many demoscene awards including Best Demo of the Year 2007 for “Lifeforce” and Best Demo of 2005 for “Planet Risk”.

– Around 03:13:000.  On the object to the right that rotates as you rotate your controller. (Image)

[Hidden] Greetings To Madwizards (Bronze): Madwizards is an old group originating out of Poland best known for their accelerated Amiga productions. They’ve managed to invent their own abstract style while mixing real-time effects together with still post-processed photography. In their most recent production “Senzala”, they went back to the roots developing on classic Amiga.

– Around 04:37:000.  In the very bottom right hand corner. (Image)