PSLS High Roller Club – October Results

Written by Phoenix8387 phoenix8387


It’s that time again… time to update your PlayFire cards or post a Trophy update on our Gaming LifeStyle Forums.  If you are not a member you can sign up for our Gaming LifeStyle Forums here.  For those that did not know we recently changed the way we handled rankings, we now go based off of the EXP from Trophies rather than the actual amount of Trophies held.  This was to make it more in line with PSN levels and also to provide more incentive for going after the harder Trophies rather than just getting all the easy ones and moving on.

We had one new member join our ranks, and that was Shinji-Ikari.  Welcome!  Now onto our honorary members…

Octobers Highest Roller was Pesico who had a clear and decisive victory.  Pesico was the only player at level 9 at the end of the month and had an impressive 10,125 EXP from 428 Trophies.  Following Pesico were Crotin with 8820 EXP, 405 Trophies and kennygunit with 8670 EXP, 376 Trophie.

The Trophy Whore turned out to be none other than dragon82 who managed to pull 4,575 EXP from 172 Trophies.  Following dragon82 were HERMUS with 3690 EXP from 178 Trophies and srewbacca 3,240 EXP from 166 Trophies.

To see our full list of members activity for the Month of November see the Official List here.  For those that think there stats are incorrect I apologize, however I cannot update your stats if I don’t have either an updated PlayFire card or an updated post from you.

If you are not a member of the PSLS High Roller Club and would like to join then please leave a message with your Trophy stats in this thread on our forums.  If you have a PlayFire account then please also add Phoenix8387 to your PlayFire friends list so I can easily update your stats at the end of the month from the Friends Leaderboards.