Red Dead Redemption – Trophy Guide

The newest blockbuster game from the legendary Rockstar is here with a great set of trophies. Red Dead Redemption hosts a total of 49 trophies, and we’re here to assist you so that you can attain them. Become a legend of the West with your Red Dead Redemption Platinum!

Legend of the West (Platinum)

You’ve become a true legend of the west

Earn all other trophies.

That Government Boy (Bronze)

Complete “Exodus in America”

-As soon as you board off the train you will have to head into the Saloon. From there you will be guided to Fort Mercer where you will have to watch a cutscene, after it you obtain this trophy. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

Land of Opportunity (Bronze)

Complete “The Assault on Fort Mercer”

-This is the final Marshall Johnson mission. You will assault Fort Mercer with all the necessary materials that you gathered in previous missions. There will be two section here (and two waves of enemies). Once you finish these two sections off the trophy is yours. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

Sons of Mexico (Bronze)

Complete “The Gates of El Presidio”

-This is an Abraham Reyes mission. You will ride to a Fort  where Escuela is supposedly located. You will have to blow up the fort to enter it. From here you will have to go to the room where Escuela is and then right after chase him and lasso him. Soon after you must bring him back to the Fort. After you return to the Fort you will be required to man a cannon and take out enemies, subsequently you obtain the trophy. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

No More Fancy Words (Bronze)

Complete “An Appointed Time”

-This is the last mission in Mexico as-well as the last Abraham Reyes mission. You will first off have to duel Captain Zubieta to free Abraham, followed by freeing his comrades from jail. After you free the comrades you will be required to make your way up to a villa where you will have to mount a gun while your comrades place TNT in front of the door. After you clear out the villa more enemies will arrive, take them out and a cinematic should follow. You will have chase down Williamson and take out all other enemies including a carriage modified into a tank, subsequently you attain the trophy. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

A Savage Soul (Bronze)

Complete “At Home With Dutch”

-This is the first mission you will encounter in the North. It will be by Harold MacDougal, you will have to follow Harold and Nastas up the mountain. Soon after Nastas will be wounded and you will have to continue onwards by yourself. You shall encounter a Grizzly bear, followed by a cougar and finally you will have to silently kill a guard. After completing all this you gain this trophy. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

The Benefits of Civilization (Bronze)

Complete “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Edgar Ross’s final mission. You will ride in a armored truck where you will take control of a turret, at the cap you will be attacked by Dutch’s gang, take them out and wait for the cutscene. Afterwards take your horse and follow the army to the indicated location. Move through Dutch’s camp while taking out enemies. Assist the army commander in protecting the soldiers planting the dynamite. For this next part you will have to take out the two enemies and then shoot the lamps to start a fire, he will soon flee, chase him and after the cutscene on the ledge this trophy becomes yours. Story based trophy cannot be missed.

Into the Sunset (Bronze)

Complete “The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed”

– This is the final Jack mission. You will have to fight hordes of army waves with uncle, after your wife and son are outside head to the corn silo and protect your family of another set of enemy waves. Afterwards meet them in the barn and from there on you will know what to do. Story based trophy – cannot be missed.

Nurture or Nature (Gold)

Complete “Remember my Family”

– This is a Stranger mission, it is located in Blackwater. Talk to the stranger and from there on follow the instructions on screen. This is the final mission related to the story of the game – cannot be missed.