This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

I'm starting to want this one. It is rather snazzy. Sorry, no Jokerpod for you, Pete.
I'm starting to want this one. It is rather snazzy. Sorry, no Jokerpod for you, Pete.

The Dark Knight is coming out this week. Everyone knows that. If you didn’t, you have been inthe dark for a while. I wish I could say that is all that matters this week, but Pete has already done that. The Dark Knight is easily the biggest title to be released on Blu-Ray ever. Warner is expecting to ship massive units and I am quite sure this will be the highest selling title to date. I suggest that the 3 people that did not see it in the theaters make a blind buy of this one. The only real question is about which edition to get. I am getting the regular edition, but I think Pete is getting the Batpod edition; He loves the Joker. I will stop openly loving this movie now.

Other titles include Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Lost: The Complete Fourth Season, and Jet Li’s Fearless. Sadly the economy will not allow me to buy all of the titles that I would like to this week. I am hard pressed not to get Dumb and Dumber. Having never watched a full episode of Lost, I will not be picking this one up just yet. (Are there any Lost lovers in the house? If so, please explain to me what is going on. I hear people talk about it all of the time and really have no clue what is so amazing about the show).As always the release calender is courtesy of This week I have only listed the US release dates. I will post Canadian releases if you all would like. Just leave a comment

Release date
The Dark Knight Dec 09, 2008
Horton Hears a Who! Dec 09, 2008
Dumb and Dumber Dec 09, 2008
The Mask Dec 09, 2008
Super Troopers Dec 09, 2008
Incubus: Look Alive Dec 09, 2008
Mika – One Night In Paris (MIKA – Live Parc Des Princes, Paris) Dec 09, 2008