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SCEE Launches Killzone 2’s TV Campaign

February 16, 2009Written by Anthony Severino

Written by Sig sigavatar48border


If you’re reading this in the United Kingdom you may have noticed an increasingly aggressive stance by SCE UK this past month in regards to marketing titles such as Media Molecules’ LittleBigPlanet. For good reason too, seeing as the UK is now recognized as the 2nd largest gaming market in the world in terms of units sold. With it being predicted that the UK’s market will overtake Japan’s in terms of overall revenue this calendar year, SCE UK’s reported £2.1 million advertising budget is fully warranted. So, without further ado here is the first teaser for Killzone 2 being syndicated across both terrestrial and premium television services starting this evening. With SCE UK’s marketing team giving us a seductive but overall unsatisfying PG-13 effort, will SCEA respond with something a little more R rated? Thanks go to Gamer’s Digest for posting up the video on their Youtube channel. Hit “read more” to view the TV spot.