Trophy Guide – Flower

featureflowertrophyguideFlower is the second PS3 title developed by LA-based ThatGameCompany, their first being flOw.  The game is unique in both design and concept.  Gone are the traditional paradigms of using analog sticks and face buttons, Flower is controlled almost entirely by use of the SIXAXIS.  One traditionally wouldn’t think that a game in which you control a flower petal in the wind would make a great game, but the folks at ThatGameCompany have pulled it off.

The Trophies are also unique, as you could easily go the whole game without getting a single one.  The Trophies for Flower encourage exploration and relaxation.

Dream (Gold): Beyond all flowers lies another room.

– You will need to collect all 18 green flowers hidden throughout the levels.  There are three green flowers in each level.

Level 1

1. These will appear after blooming all the pink flowers in the first area.

2. These will appear after blooming all the pink flowers in the second area.

3. Hidden behind some reads near the dead tree.

Level 2

1. In the small canyon area there is a winding path of yellow players that will spawn red flowers.  Bloom all the flowers and these will spawn on top of on of the canyon walls.

2. In the second area on a hill near the walls that opened.  They’ll appear after the yellow flowers start spawning.  You can wait till you finish the area before getting them.

3. In the third area, as you enter fly towards the left and hug the wall.  They are tucked away in a small alcove.

Level 3

1. Collect all the flowers in the sunken areas to have this one spawn near central windmill.

2. In the canyon area.  They are to the left near the entrance to the flOw caves.

3. In the third area.  As you enter the area turn left and hug the walls.

Level 4

1. When you get to the part where you must circle around haybales, there is an additional haybale in the distance.  The flower is hidden behind it.

2. Near the final puzzle there is an overturned wagon.  Fly over it (or circle it) to spawn the flower.

3. Before completing the final puzzle, you must illuminate the pond to the left of the overturned wagon.

Level 5

1. As soon as you start, make a u-turn.  Continue up the hill and into a small valley.  The flower is near the center of this valley.

2. When you are deactivating the the three towers, there are also other towers with flowers under them.  Bloom these flowers and fly quickly through its legs.  This will make them fall and one will spawn a flower near its top.

3. When in the maze, continue making rights at every turn.  The flower will be stuffed in a small alcove.

Level 6

1. In the second area where you awaken things, there is a tall building that you can fly into from either the top or bottom.  The flower is on a beam within this building.

2. While on the expressway, there will be a point where it splits into three paths.  Take the right path and you will be underneath the expressway.  The flower is near the center of this area.

3. In the final area before you get to the metal tower, there is an airvent.  The flower is behind this airvent.

Nature (Silver): Bloom 10,000 flowers.

– In all likeliness you will not get this throughout your original playthrough.  All you need to do is bloom 10,000 flowers, but it’ll almost certainly take a few trips through a few levels.  Your best bet for blooming large amounts of flowers are fourth (Pink flower) and sixth (Small pink flower) levels.  This will unlock after completing the level.

Urban (Silver): Completely awaken the city.

– In the sixth level (Small pink flower) you need to completely awaken all areas.  You can tell if an area has not been awakened if it is gray.  For the most part areas are awakened by blooming flowers or destroying antennas, however there are a few places that are awakened just by flying near them.  There are some areas in the final stretch that may stay gray no matter what you do, though you should still get the Trophy.

Memories (Bronze): Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room.

– After entering a level, either push select or set the controller down.  The will enter a screensaver mode showing pictures of locations around the current level.  Wait for three minutes for that familiar ‘ding.’

Palette (Bronze): Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.

– In the third area of the second level (Red flower) you will bloom flowers that will cause rocks to move.  By blooming all the flowers in the area you will cause all three rock formations to release.  Flying near the the center of these released formations will cause your petals to turn color and you will paint the grass when flying near it.  Fly near each of the three formations to get the Trophy.

Wind (Bronze): Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times.

– In the third level (Pink flower) after activating any windmills, fly through the windmills seven times for the Trophy.  This can easily be done at the beginning or end of the level.

Illumination (Bronze): Light a darkened pool.

– In the fourth level (Blue flower) there are two ponds.  At certain points throughout the level your petals will light up when you are to illuminate grassy areas.  Before illuminating the area, fly over one of the ponds until you unlock the Trophy.

Pure (Bronze): Journey to the city unscathed.

– This may be the most difficult Trophy in the game.  This can only be done on the fifth level (Purple flower) and you must avoid being zapped a single time.  The best tactic for this level is to avoid going after all unnecessary flowers.  The only ones that are required are those that power down the three antennas in the second area.  After you have made it through the maze, electrical antennas will start popping up from the ground and walls.  These are hard to avoid regularly, however if you fly high and to the left you can avoid all of these without much effort.

Stars (Bronze): Release all of the names to the sky.

– In the credits level (Picture Frame) all flowers have a name/text over them.  Blooming the flowers will release the letters.  Bloom all the flowers in the level for the Trophy.

flOw (Bronze): Life could be simple…

– In the third level (Pink flower) after you activate the windmills you will be blown into a canyon area.  While in the canyon try to stay towards the left when you see a large cave.  Fly into the cave and when the cave branches take the right paths.  You’ll know you are in the right place if you see cave paintings of creatures from flOw.

[Hidden] Welcome Back (Bronze): Play the game after a week long break.

– Play the game and take a week long break.  You can speed this process up by changing the PS3’s internal clock.

[Hidden] Healthy Play (Bronze): Take a ten minute break between any dreams.

– After playing a level you are returned to your room.  Set your controller down and go grab something to eat.  After ten minutes you’ll hear the familiar ‘ding.’

[Hidden] Beginning (Bronze): The dream has just started…

– Bloom all three Green flowers within a single level. (See Dream Trophy for locations)

[Hidden] Discovery (Bronze): Find and bloom a secret flower.

– Bloom a single Green flower within a level. (See Dream Trophy for locations)