New PixelJunk at GDC is Actually Eden’s Encore


So, we all thought that Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games were going to reveal a brand new Pixeljunk game at GDC. It only makes sense, considering the overwhelming success of PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Eden, right?

Wrong!  Cuthbert has gone on record on his Twitter saying that no new game will be shown, privately or in public, at GDC next week, stating that PixelJunk Eden Encore will be there instead.

“Everyone seems to think we are showing PixelJunk 1-4 next week at GDC.. but it ain’t true.. Eden Encore will be there in its full glory though.”

So no new PJ game, be that Dungeons or otherwise, at GDC. We’re going to try and ask Dylan personally if we can get anymore on PJE and, if we’re lucky, PJD. Q-Games is confirmed to be working on a PSP port of PixelJunk Monsters.